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The Nordics ultimate competition


Imagine an event where the fittest athletes from the Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark get to compete against each other in a professional setting and an inspiring atmosphere. Imagine the most capable and well rounded athletes compete in several grueling challenges. The tests overall offer a well balanced blend of strength, power, speed, coordination,

The Qualifier to the Showdown


We want to invite the 100 best individual athletes to compete at the Nordic Showdown in November. But we know that there is more that is on the line. All of the Nordic countries have had prominent athletes at competitions like the CrossFit Regionals and Games in the past. The fantastic physical performance feats that

Nordic Showdown is back


Finally we are ready to take the stage again. Nordic Showdown 2013 was a great success and we really wanted to keep going. But just as with your physical training you need to have rest days, our rest day became a rest year, but rest assured we are back stronger than ever. We can proudly say