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    The Facts:

  • Online qualifier to get an invitation.
  • 27th-29th of November 2015.
  • 20 000 € prize pool.
  • 100 invited athletes.

Nordic Showdown Programming


What affects every aspect of a great human performance competition? – The programming! The outcome, logistics, schedule, judges, equipment, the spectator experience, pretty much anything you can think of. Everything is heavily dependent upon the programming. We have learned this over the years and hope to see more of the competitions out there come to

Interview with the 2013 winner Kristin Holte


We sat down with Kristin Holte the winner of the Nordic Showdown 2013 female competition to have a chat about the event, the wins and what’s coming in the future. NS: Looking back at the Nordic Showdown 2013, what do you remember most? KH: Well, I remember winning! It was a great test for me

The Nordics ultimate competition


Imagine an event where the fittest athletes from Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark get to compete against each other in a professional setting and an inspiring atmosphere. Imagine the most capable and well rounded athletes compete in several grueling challenges. The tests overall offer a well balanced blend of strength, power, speed, coordination, cardiovascular

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